Lawn Care Products

At Pennine Lawn Care, we like to instil confidence in our existing and potential customers, in the products we use and this is why we have dedicated this page to the products, informing every one of the high quality product we always use.

As we aren’t a franchise, we personally test all new products ourselves, guaranteeing the highest quality and ensuring we have 100% customer satisfaction. New methods of application and new and exciting treatments are constantly developed. We like to keep up to date with these and are able to do so as we run our own company, constantly changing and adapting, keeping the lawns we care for the envy of any street.

Our seasonal treatments are organic and child and pet friendly recommended by the Environmental Agency (where applicable) and achieve amazing results after only one application! Our current seasonal treatments are in liquid and granular form. Using a mix of both liquid and granular fertiliser allows for a longer lasting effect.

Our suppliers not only supply to companies like us but also supply to the majority of the turf industry including sports turf, golf clubs and green keepers. All products are tested by specialist agronomists ensuring that quality and professional standards are exceeded. Commercial products are far more effective than shop bought and it’s this high standard of quality which you will always receive from us, the whole year round.


Sherriff Amenity - Specialist amenity supplier

They provide a comprehensive range of goods and services to the UK amenity and landscape markets. Their BASIS and FACTS trained sales team provide a professional, quality agronomy service across the nation.

Hurrells and Mclean

They are genuine ‘hands on’ seed suppliers who carefully select and mix their own seeds on premises before being promptly delivered to their customers, including us.