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We offer a wide range of lawn maintenance services in Wakefield and surrounding areas. With years of experience and passion for all things green and growing your lawn is in safe hands with us. We have a wide range of lawn services available from lawn treatment, renovation and the eradication of Japanese Knotweed. Richard is our lawn and weed specialist as well as the owner of the business and he will deal with you on a face-to-face basis as well as over the phone. Bev is the helpful and friendly person replying to your emails and enquiries regarding your lawn. When you deal with us you aren’t dealing with a franchised business; we aren’t tied to any particular lawn/gardening products and use our years of experience to the pick the best products for the job. Our products are usually organic and friendly to both pets and children, should it be available. We look forward to hopefully using them on your lawn!

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Over the years we have perfected our own lawn care treatment programme to ensure your lawn receives only the most optimum mix of products to enhance its overall health and appearance. This treatment mix is based on years of experience and each season we apply a different part of the formula to maintain and feed your lawn. Starting in spring our lawn care treatments have been specifically designed to protect your lawn from the effects of the seasons weather and as these conditions change every year so does our treatment whilst the key ingredients remain the same to nurture, fight disease and generally keep your lawn lush the all year round.

ST1: In Spring we start our lawn care treatment programme which includes an application of herbicide to control any early flowering weeds. In addition to this, we feed the lawn with vital nutrients and turf conditions, as well as aiding lawn growth with a healthy dose of nitrogen.

ST2: The summer months are all about root development and we achieve this by including vital nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium feeding the lawn through the continued application of liquid herbicide and granular fertilisers.

ST3: Autumn sees us continue lawn care treatments by aiding in grass root development through the use of fertilisers with high potassium and phosphorous nutrients. We add to this a dose of moss control too as the wet weather starts to settle in. Keeping root development optimum is a priority to a healthy looking lawn.

ST4: Winter sees us add an increased dose of moss control and the continued use of phosphorous and potassium feed keeps the lawn at optimum health levels. This treatment will keep your lawn looking lush for the coming months ahead.

For more information see our lawn care section.

Lawn renovation is a vital procedure for the upkeep of your lawn and we recommend doing this once a year. Our lawn renovation service includes; scarification, aeration (hollow or solid tine), top dressing and over seeding. A good way to think of this service is like renovating an old barn into a modern new home. Our lawn renovation service will have your lawn looking good as new in just 8-12 weeks.

Scarification involves the raking of both thatch and moss out of the lawn. We do this to improve the soil drainage flow which will have an instant effect on the overall health of your lawn. Aeration will help improve the flow of oxygen, nutrients and moisture even further into the grass roots. With the addition of top dressing and over seeding, your lawn will recover quicker and have a much healthier soil surface.

If you have any questions about the garden maintenance services we offer above in Wakefield, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

10 years ago nobody had heard of Japanese Knotweed in Britain but now it’s known as the weed that is taking over the nation. Its notoriety is due to its rapid growth which makes it pretty impervious to all conditions and a challenging weed to deal with. We are experts in the treatment and eradication of Japanese Knotweed for both residential and commercial clients. The thing about Japanese Knotweed is it is known to spread quite rapidly and when you call us we treat it as urgently as we can. We offer a survey of your property costing from only £110 which includes an assessment, a written report with our findings, a recommended programme of action, costs of the programme and up to a 10 year insurance backed guarantee (applicable upon acceptance of the programme) which is accepted by the majority of bank/lenders.

You need an expert used to dealing with Japanese Knotweed as unprofessional products will not have a long-lasting effect. Through its rhizome system it can spread up to 7 metres from the point of the original infestation. The most dangerous characteristic of the weed is the way it can grow through the foundations of a property with ease. This can leave a property buyer/seller feeling very worried and helpless to a solution. Should a survey pick up the weed within 7 metres of the property, banks and lenders often require a treatment programme is set in place before lending. So don’t delay – call us now on 01924 589 260. If you need any further information on Japanese Knotweed please feel to visit our dedicated page.


Tony Wright

Please pass on my grateful thanks to Richard and his colleague.They have done a great job and even in its present state it already looks a lot better. I’ve just got to wait now, for the seeds to germinate and much of my lawn to reappear.

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