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March Lawn Care Tips

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Daffodils in the spring


Weather in March seems like it’s going to be a mixed bag! Today alone, sunny and then snowing, it can’t make its mind up so don’t be rushing in to any heavy renovations just yet.

You may have a lawn that’s looking a little bare or sad after the winter we’ve had and it will probably require repairing and renovations. For more information on scarification, aeration, top dressing, over seeding and how these will help your lawn, click here .

Here are your TO DO’s for March:

Cooler, unpreditable weather:

  • Trim the lawn – keep the cut high while the weather stays like this.
  • Manually remove weeds from your borders and lawn if there’s not a massive amount of them. If there is, apply a weed killer (our seasonal treatment includes one) in milder weather.
  • Hold off on any renovations such as scarification, hollow tine aeration and over seeding.
  • You can spike your lawn (solid tine aeration.)
  • No watering needed.
  • Avoid rolling.
  • Turfing – PERFECT TIME!

Milder weather:

  • Lower the cut of your mower if the weather starts to improve.
  • We’ll be applying our seasonal treatment (weed, feed and more) on dry milder days.
  • Keep weeding.
  • Edge the lawn to give it a neater look.
  • Kill and then scarify the moss and thatch from your lawn. We recommend, for moss ridden lawns, applying top dressing and over seeding after scarification to help speed up the recover process.
  • Hollow tine aeration is recommended if your lawn is holding water on the surface and/or had a lot of moss/thatch.
  • No watering needed.
  • If you feel your needs to be rolled, then do so after frost, when temps are milder.
  • Turfing – PERFECT TIME!

Pesky diseases and pests can affect your lawn your lawn all year round, if you suspect you have something lurking in your lawn; see our common problems page which will help you to identify and rectify the problem.

We hope you enjoy following our tips this March and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you for reading, comments welcome!

Spring Newsletter 2016

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Hey there!

We hope you’re all doing well.

As always, we provide our existing customers with quarterly newsletters and you can view this by clicking on the image below:

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Happy reading! Please feel free to leave comments/questions!

Speak soon! X

HAPPY NEW YEAR and January Lawn Care Tips

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We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you the happiest, healthiest and most successful year for 2016.

Our Christmas consisted of copious amounts of wine, bucks fizz, port, mince pies, boxes of chocolates and pigs in blankets and we’re still feeling very full, not that we’re complaining!

Anyway… Nothing better than getting our knapsack on and treating some lawns to burn those extra calories off! We’re looking forward to caring for lawns in 2016 , as always and can’t wait to get stuck in!

For the most of us around the Yorkshire area it has been a VERY wet past few weeks and we can send only our very best wishes to those affected by the horrible floods. For those of you lucky to escape the floods, I can imagine your lawns are pretty wet/waterlogged. Below are a few tips on how to deal with your lawn in January and in wet weather.

Due to the mild and wet conditions, your lawns will still be growing which means you should be giving it an occasional mow on the very highest setting. Keeping on top of it will help to decrease the chances of brown patches, diseases and other detrimental occurrences as well as preparing it for the growth spurt in Spring. I understand that mowing the lawn when it’s wet is not the best idea, we tell everyone to avoid it but in these extenuating circumstances, it is better to mow than not, check the weather forecasts and on the driest day, give it a little trim, trust us on this one.

If your lawn is waterlogged and the rain is seriously struggling to soak in to the lawn there are a few causes it could be but hold out until spring time, it is not the time to be doing any lawn renovation and could quite easily recover before you know it. If it doesn’t then in the Spring you should have a professional company scarify, aerate, top dress and re-seed to help it to recover. If you chose us, we would assess the lawn to give you an honest opinion and some options for you to avoid water-logging in the future.

For now, we will continue applying winter treatment’s (ST4) as part of our lawn care programme and hoping that it doesn’t snow! We’ll be posting again in February with some tips on how to care for your lawn and prepare for the spring coming.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions/comments please feel free to leave them below!

Speak soon!

Winter Newsletter 2015

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Apologies for the lack of posts! In this newsletter you’ll find the usual information on our services as well as some useful hints and tips for how to care for your lawn and garden throughout the cold months of December, January and February!

Please click on the image below.

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