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April Showers

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Daffodils in the spring

I’m a little late with this post as I’ve had extra work due to the demand for lawn renovations and enquiries in general (which we’re super happy about!) We’ve also been running a little behind due to the weather catching us off guard on a few days.

We’re just about on top of it all now so I’ve got 10 mins to write a little advice for you all.



In March I gave you a brief list of To Do’s for the different weather conditions which might have occurred. Well… in April your number 1 job is to get your lawn scarified! Moss is running amok in nearly of the new lawns we’ve visited this year and this needs raking out ASAP. A lot of our existing customers have also opted for scarification this year due to the increased amounts of moss and thatch in their lawn. Luckily we’re experts in the lawn care field and moss isn’t too much of a challenge for us but we’re still out moss-busting every day until the end of May probably!

As well as scarifying your lawn, we also recommend aeration which really gives your lawn a boost of oxygen, moisture and nutrients by letting these flow from the surface and reach the grass roots.

After any renovation works such as scarification we recommend top dressing and over seeding to give your lawn a helping hand in repairing itself. Once the seeds have taken hold – around 6-8 weeks later your lawn will look as good as new! It really is worth it!


Turfing now would be ideal – the mix of mild temps and lots of moisture will really help the turf to settle in and thrive. From May time – turfing will require more after care such as watering.


With the recent showers, your lawns should be growing like mad and this makes it hard to manage but let the lawn dry out before trying to tackle it. If it’s wet in the morning, give it until mid afternoon/early evening until cutting it. Keep the cut quite high until you can get in to a routine with your mowing. Every 2 weeks should do it for now but aim for 7-10 days towards May (weather permitting.) We offer a mowing service from £10 per mow as well as other general gardening tasks which you might need a little help with or can’t find the time to do.


Weeds are a pain at this time of year and we recommend spot treating them by applying weed control, letting them die off and then digging/scarifying (if you’ve already planned to do that) them out.

Seasonal Treatment

As always, we recommend fertilising your lawn for spring, if you’ve already done that, brilliant. If not, apply it as soon as you can really. It’ll work wonders for your lawn! We’re obviously going to recommend that a professional applies your fertiliser (as that’s what we do best) but the products we use are genuinely more effective and will benefit your lawn much more. We offer a FREE survey to the Barnsley, Sheffield, Wakefield and surrounding areas. Give us a call on 0800 138 3143 too book!

I love writing these advice blogs for you and try to make them as exciting as possible. If you have any suggestions or comments about my posts, please comment and let me know. Thank you for reading! Hope you have a great day.

Charlie x

August Lawn Care Tips

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picture of a well mowed lawn in barnsley


I know this is a little late and I do apologise for that but here are your August lawn care tips:

Soooooo where is the summer? Seriously! We we expecting a scorcher of an August and it’s so meh. Your lawns will be wondering what’s happening so if you follow some or all of the tips below we keep at least keep it happy throughout August.

It depends on the conditions of the weather and therefore your lawn to how you should be mowing/watering so it’s all about getting to know the characteristics of your lawn; whether its growing well or not and how it’s looking health-wise.

The main jobs for August are fertilising, mowing and weeding. Some people recommend that renovations should be carried out towards the end of the month but that’s all depending on the weather conditions so hold off for a couple of weeks, we think September/October will be more suitable for renovations!


A summer feed should be applied if not already so let you apply an autumn feed in October. Our summer fertiliser will last through until October and consists of an application of liquid herbicide (to kills those pesky weeds off) and fertiliser containing various nutrients including phosphorous and potassium to feed the grass and encourage vitally important root development for optimum growth. If you’d like a quote for regular seasonal treatments then please give us a call on 0800 138 3143 – we operate in Barnsley, Sheffield, Wakefield and most surrounding areas.


If your grass is growing healthily and strong and moisture levels are decent then you should be mowing once a week keeping a minimum grass height of 1.5 inches.

If your grass is feeling a little sluggish and/or moisture levels aren’t great or the weather it too hot, then keep the cut a little higher and mow every 10-14 days.


As we all know – this summer hasn’t been particularly wet but it’s not been glorious so it’s possible that you’re having a run in with weeds. If you’re sure that these weeds are household weeds then a herbicide application should see the back of them. If you can’t seem to kill those pesky beggars then give us a call – we can assess the situation and provide you with a cost-effective solution.

If you only have one or two the best solution is to manually remove them – if possible. We can complete this type of work for you as part of our general gardening service which we offer in Barnsley, Wakefield and Sheffield. Our gardening services include just about everything from mowing to laying gravel and re-designing your garden (not landscaping.)

Give us a call to see how we can help – 0800 1383143.


  • Unless the lawn looks particularly dry then you can hold off watering for now.
  • MOSS CONTROL AND PREVENTION – to help prevent moss you should eliminate any causes for shade on the lawn, aerate the lawn to improve surface drainage and make sure to have a moss control treatment applied next month. We offer this service as part of our autumn treatment (ST3) and we can give you an on the spot price when surveying your lawn for FREE. To book your free survey give us a call or email us at
  • Re-turfing can be completed at just about anytime as long weather aren’t too extreme but we do recommend September for re-turfing – it’s a great time for root establishment!
  • Pests and Diseases can be annoying at this time of year and particularly in Autumn – visit our common problems page if you suspect any infestation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our autumn post and you found it helpful. If you have any comments or questions then please feel free to contact us – we’re always happy to chat!

Have a great afternoon.



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