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Pennine Lawn Care is a family run gardening company covering Rotherham and throughout Yorkshire. Contact us now.

We are a family run lawn care and gardening company with years of experience in all things green and growing; more specifically garden maintenance and services, professional lawn treatments, renovation, maintenance and Japanese knotweed in Rotherham and throughout South Yorkshire. Richard will be the gardener who you deal with face to face; he’s the owner of the business and lawn/weed extraordinaire. Charlie will be the friendly voice you speak to on the phone or email and she can deal with any just about any enquiry or question.  Our gardening products are all sourced by us and are organic and child/pet friendly where necessary. We aren’t part of a franchise and this bodes well for both ourselves and our customers as we don’t have restraints on the gardening products we use and how we use them. We look forward to hopefully looking after your lawn/garden!

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Our garden services and garden maintenance options are very simple; if you need a one off visit or regular garden maintenance then we can help you. From mowing to completely renovating your garden and everything in-between we will always work to provide you with the most enjoyable or maintainable garden possible. Our garden services include but are not limited to the following; mowing, strimming, edging, border maintenance, planting, weed control on hard area, tree work, and pruning of bushes or similar and some aspects of garden design including gravelling or other similar additions. You can either book us for specific gardening services or hourly and then either as a one off or as a rolling garden maintenance booking in instalments as frequently as you require. We also offer a one off clearance (garden waste only) to tidy up a house for sale or if you’ve neglected your lawn for a little while and it needs bringing back to its former glory. If you have any questions about our gardening services or garden maintenance please don’t hesitate to contact us or see our general gardening page for more information

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We also offer a Lawn care service in Rotherham but lawn care is such a broad term and encompasses many types of services which we offer. The service we recommend highly to anyone new to lawn care is our seasonal treatment programme. Over the years we have perfected the most effective lawn care treatments to be applied in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter which are all separately designed to feed and maintain your lawn through the said season and in to the next. Our lawn care treatments change slightly every year in fitting with the seasons but the key ingredients always remain the same and it’s these ingredients which help to fight disease, create optimum growing conditions for your grass and keep it generally healthy all year round.

ST1: An initial application of herbicide is applied in the spring to control early flowering weeds alongside our usual dose of essential nutrients and turf conditioners as well as nitrogen for early growth. All of which will improve the health and look of your lawn throughout spring time.

ST2: The summer lawn care treatment consists of an application of liquid herbicide and fertiliser containing various nutrients including phosphorous and potassium to feed the grass and encourage vitally important root development for optimum growth.

ST3: The autumn lawn care treatment consists of a fertiliser with a high potassium and phosphorous content like the summer treatment but is combined with a dose of moss control too as the weather gets wetter. The potassium and phosphorus content will improve the root development of your lawn leading to stronger and healthier growth which moss control reduces the amount of natural moss build up which might occur.

ST4: The wet weather normally continues from the autumn into the winter months and due to this we apply a stronger dose of moss control along with a phosphorous and potassium feed to improve root health along with our winter application to green up your lawn and keep health at an optimum level to fight off the cold months ahead.

For more information see our lawn care section.

Image of a perfectly mowed lawnLawn renovations are key to keeping a lawn at the highest levels of health and we recommend renovations be carried out once each year. A typical lawn renovation would include; scarification, aeration (hollow or solid tine), top dressing and over seeding. Think of this lawn renovation process like renovating an old barn in to a modern new home; your lawn will look as new after around 8-12 weeks and its health will be drastically improved.

Scarification rakes thatch and moss out of your lawn instantly improving soil surface drainage while aeration improves oxygen, nutrients and moisture flow even further to the grass roots increasing the health of the grass almost instantly. When scarification and aeration have been carried out then top dressing and over seeding are highly recommended to help improve the soil surface even further and increase the rate of recovery – leaving your new lawn looking lush!

We can of course carry out all of the above lawn renovation and gardening services in Rotherham and if you’d like to find out more about the process and cost then please contact us on 01709 319 880!

Japanese Knotweed Leaf

Japanese knotweed is something hardly anyone knew about 10 years ago but now it’s making headlines as the weed that’s taking over Britain! We deal with both residential and commercial clients to help stop the spread and eradicate it from their property. The spread of Japanese knotweed is rapid and we take this very seriously ensuring we treat your enquiry and the weed with extra urgency to put your mind at rest. Our surveys start from £110 and include the assessment, a written report on findings, recommendations (including a treatment programme and costs if applicable), our 5 year guarantee (if a treatment programme is accepted by the client) and all of these documents are accepted by the majority of banks/lenders.

Japanese knotweed thrives in just about any condition and can grow its way through building foundations. Its rhizome system is one similar to the roots of a tree and it can spread up to 7 meters from the original infestation just through its rhizome system alone and this is how people selling or buying a house can become stumped by this weed. A survey that picks up Japanese knotweed within 7 meters of a said property will affect the banks/lenders decision to borrow money unless the weed is being currently treated by a professional Japanese knotweed contractor and voila, that is what we are. If you have any concerns about a mysterious weed or would like to find out more then please visit our pages on the subject or give us a call on 01709 319 880, we’re always happy to help!

A testimonial from a happy client...

I cannot stress how much the treatments that you have provided for our lawn have completely transformed it from a complete disaster to a lawn which receives compliments from passers-by and neighbours.Needless to say, we will be continuing with the treatments in the coming year. The efficiency in the way you handle the business is to be commended too.

Martin Bentham

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