scarifcation and spiking scarifcation and spiking
scarifcation and spiking

The problem: Moderate amounts of moss and thatch had built up and compaction was also a slight issue. Luckily this lawn was caught early enough and action need to be so harsh.

The solution: Light Scarification and Spiking.
The process: Scarification would rake all of the moss and thatch out of the lawn while solid tine aeration would open up air space in the soil allowing moisture and air to travel further in to the soil and encourage deeper and stronger grass roots. Without top dressing and over seeding the recovery can often take longer and leave you with a few bald patches but you should have your lawn fully recovered in around 12 weeks.
The result: The lawn is back to optimum health; moss and thatch free with compaction alleviated too. We continue to care for this lawn with seasonal treatments which will help to keep these problems at bay!
Project Details
  • Client Customer C
  • Date 2015