After Scarification After Scarification
After Scarification
The problem: Moss and common garden weeds had started to compete with the lawn and were stealing most of its moisture and nutrients. It was a losing battle and the lawn was left moss and weed ridden with compaction and a build up of thatch due to the grass naturally dying off. Without help, the thatch would continue to build and further prevent moisture travelling to the grass roots by soaking up most of the moisture before it even reached the soil which would leave the grass even weaker and eventually moss and weeds would take over the whole lawn thriving on the conditions created by the thatch. Compaction would also naturally worsen without any help.
The solution: Scarification, Hollow Tine Aeration, Top Dressing and Over Seeding.
The process: Scarification would rake all of the moss and thatch out of the lawn while aeration would pull plugs out of the soil allowing moisture to travel further in to the soil and encourage deeper and stronger grass roots while also improving air flow through the soil too. Top dressing and over seeding the lawn gives a boost to the recovery by adding a quality soil/loam mix to encourage new seeds growth and by laying extra grass seed your grass will grow thicker lowering the risk of bald patches. The lawn’s recovery time will depend upon the weather conditions but its worth the wait! Your new lawn will start to grow after 2 weeks and you should have your lawn fully recovered in around 8-12 weeks.
The result: The lawn is back to optimum health; moss, thatch and weed free with compaction alleviated too. We continue to care for this lawn with seasonal treatments which will help to keep these problems at bay!
Project Details
  • Date 14 February 2014
  • Client Customer P