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August Lawn Care Tips

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picture of a well mowed lawn in barnsley


I know this is a little late and I do apologise for that but here are your August lawn care tips:

Soooooo where is the summer? Seriously! We we expecting a scorcher of an August and it’s so meh. Your lawns will be wondering what’s happening so if you follow some or all of the tips below we keep at least keep it happy throughout August.

It depends on the conditions of the weather and therefore your lawn to how you should be mowing/watering so it’s all about getting to know the characteristics of your lawn; whether its growing well or not and how it’s looking health-wise.

The main jobs for August are fertilising, mowing and weeding. Some people recommend that renovations should be carried out towards the end of the month but that’s all depending on the weather conditions so hold off for a couple of weeks, we think September/October will be more suitable for renovations!


A summer feed should be applied if not already so let you apply an autumn feed in October. Our summer fertiliser will last through until October and consists of an application of liquid herbicide (to kills those pesky weeds off) and fertiliser containing various nutrients including phosphorous and potassium to feed the grass and encourage vitally important root development for optimum growth. If you’d like a quote for regular seasonal treatments then please give us a call on 0800 138 3143 – we operate in Barnsley, Sheffield, Wakefield and most surrounding areas.


If your grass is growing healthily and strong and moisture levels are decent then you should be mowing once a week keeping a minimum grass height of 1.5 inches.

If your grass is feeling a little sluggish and/or moisture levels aren’t great or the weather it too hot, then keep the cut a little higher and mow every 10-14 days.


As we all know – this summer hasn’t been particularly wet but it’s not been glorious so it’s possible that you’re having a run in with weeds. If you’re sure that these weeds are household weeds then a herbicide application should see the back of them. If you can’t seem to kill those pesky beggars then give us a call – we can assess the situation and provide you with a cost-effective solution.

If you only have one or two the best solution is to manually remove them – if possible. We can complete this type of work for you as part of our general gardening service which we offer in Barnsley, Wakefield and Sheffield. Our gardening services include just about everything from mowing to laying gravel and re-designing your garden (not landscaping.)

Give us a call to see how we can help – 0800 1383143.


  • Unless the lawn looks particularly dry then you can hold off watering for now.
  • MOSS CONTROL AND PREVENTION – to help prevent moss you should eliminate any causes for shade on the lawn, aerate the lawn to improve surface drainage and make sure to have a moss control treatment applied next month. We offer this service as part of our autumn treatment (ST3) and we can give you an on the spot price when surveying your lawn for FREE. To book your free survey give us a call or email us at
  • Re-turfing can be completed at just about anytime as long weather aren’t too extreme but we do recommend September for re-turfing – it’s a great time for root establishment!
  • Pests and Diseases can be annoying at this time of year and particularly in Autumn – visit our common problems page if you suspect any infestation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our autumn post and you found it helpful. If you have any comments or questions then please feel free to contact us – we’re always happy to chat!

Have a great afternoon.



Pennine Lawn Care/Pennine Knotweed Removal


Lawn Mower Grand Prix

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image of a lawn mower

Yes… you read the title of this post correctly. In America this is a huge sport but now we’re getting involved and the 1st Lawn Mower Grand Prix has been held in the UK. I think this is brilliant – so much fun!

Have a read at the article here –

Although we don’t race our mowers we do put them to good use in the Barnsley, Wakefield and Sheffield areas. We offer a mowing and general gardening service to these areas and we’re happy to help you as a one off or we can add you to our weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance programmes. We’ll suit your needs and there’s no job too big or small so if you’re in Barnsley, Sheffield or Wakefield and you’d like a little extra help then give us a call – 0800 138 3143 – we’ll even come out for FREE to give you a FREE no obligation quote!

Have a fab weekend!

Invasive Weed News

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A picture of giant hogweed which is an invaisve weed

As always, we cannot express just how important it is to be aware of invasive weeds and the article below really does highlight the seriousness of them! Giant Hogweed doesn’t look particularly threatening but it is dangerous and if you suspect you have any on or around your land then you should contact an invasive weed contractor like us and we can eradicate the weed and the danger it poses.

Awareness is key and you can see how Giant hogweed will look at around this time of year in the image above. We wish the children a speedy recovery!

July Lawn Care Tips

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Image of a perfectly mowed lawn


I’m sorry to say it but… HOW HOT IS IT?! We’re not complaining but WOWZAAA! Summer is definitely here.

As it’s so hot we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to manage your lawn and garden in heat. I hope having a read and it helps to keep those lawns looking lush through July!


There are plenty of pest and diseases to keep you on your toes in July depending on the long term weather and soil conditions in your area. Red thread is a common disease that pops up when there’s been a mixture of heat and moisture. If you spot red looking needles on your grass blades or any discolouring then you should give us a call – we can help rectify the problem and hopefully prevent further damage to your lawn.

Dry patch is also common in summer and this will present itself as patches of dying/dead grass blades. We can repair the lawn, no problem and advise you on how you could prevent it from occurring again.

Pests such as ants etc are not terrible for your lawn but damage can occur with a large infestation keep an eye on your lawn at all times and if there seems to be any sort of damage you should always seek the help and/or advice from a professional lawn care provider like ourselves.


As I always say, good mowing practices create great lawns! Keep the height of your mow high if particularly dry but if you’re getting some moisture then lower the height. You should always mow in alternate directions, once a week (if its not too dry) or every 10 days and keep the grass height at a minimum of 1.5 inches.


We obviously recommend our own weed and feed (ST2 – summer treatment.) This includes liquid herbicide and fertiliser containing various nutrients including phosphorous and potassium to feed the grass and encourage vitally important root development for optimum growth. If you’re going DIY we recommend Lawnsmith’s Spring and Summer Fertiliser.

Weeds are a nuisance and unless you’re meticulously checking and digging weeds out then there’s always the chance one will pop up. Our summer treatment includes weed killer and will take care of those for you but if you’re going DIY then we recommend to spot treat (it reduces the risk of scorching) unless your lawn is covered in them, in that case an all over weed killer will do the trick but avoid applying it when the lawn is dry.


Watering your lawn in July is essential if dry. Water for about an hour every morning or evening to keep your lawn healthy but do not over water, it can do just as much bad as good. We recommend using a sprinkler and placing a container on the lawn; an inch of water is sufficient.


If your lawn is feeling a little hard then you should give it a quick spike, we can do this for you, its an efficient and effective way of reducing compaction and increasing moisture and oxygen flow through to the grass plants, this will increase the health of your lawn over time but you will see a difference!

Avoid all renovation/scarification/turfing jobs until there’s less heat and more moisture (maybe from september onwards.)

As always our lawn care surveys are FREE of charge and we provide you with on the spot prices. To book give us a call on 07432 114147

Thank you for reading and have a great July!

Holiday Season

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picture of a blue sky and sea with two palm trees and a hammock attached between them.

Hey everyone! First of all… HAPPY FRIDAY!

Secondly, as it’s the holiday season soon don’t worry if you think your summer treatment might be due and you’ll miss us. We’ll apply your treatment for you (if there’s access) and post your invoice through a letter box. We understand a late payment might occur due to holidays but there’s nothing to worry about.

I’ll be away from the 2nd til the 14th and return to the office on Wednesday the 15th of July. Please feel free to email or call and leave me a message while I’m away, I’ll deal with your enquiry as soon as I return. Alternatively if you need attention ASAP, give Richard a call on 07432 114147. He’ll also probably check the office messages too so you might get an early response.

Thank you for your patience and if you’re going on holiday – I hope you have a fabulous time!

Charlie McGougan.

Summer Newsletter 2015

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Image to show the below post is a new lawn care newsletter

Hey guys! 

Please check out our newsletter for Summer 2015. We hope you enjoy it! Click on the image below to view.

Click on this image to view our summer newsletter for 2015.

Summer is coming!

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June Lawn Care Tips

June Lawn Care Tips:

Renovations this spring have been tough! The weather has made it extremely difficult for the lawn to recover fully. The cold weather has prevented seeds from germinating and left lawns looking a little bare in some areas. Don’t worry though, they will recover! We believe that because of this lengthy period of cold weather, that we’re in for a scorcher of a summer which means we need to get your lawns as drought tolerant as possible ASAP!

MOWING: As I’ve said before, mowing is one of the easiest ways to create a great looking lawn! If temperature climb and there’s still the odd shower then you should be mowing regularly (once a week.) If the weather stays dry then you should mow every fortnight. As always you should adjust the mowing height depending on the conditions. Keep it high in dry/hot conditions and lower in damp/hot conditions.

FERTILISING: You should have already applied your first feed of the year in March, April or May depending on how weather conditions are where you live.

We recommend applying a second feed in June if it’s been between 8-12 weeks since the last application. Our summer feed will be applied to clients’ lawns from this month and includes an application of liquid herbicide and fertiliser containing various nutrients including phosphorous and potassium to feed the grass and encourage vitally important root development for optimum growth.

WEEDS: Weeds will have well and truly settled in for the season by now and will be slowly taking over your lawn. We recommend applying a weed killer to the whole of your lawn for ease and effectiveness. Our summer treatment includes an application of herbicide to control any weeds that have developed over the spring time. If you only have a couple of weeds, spot treat them with weed killer or simply dig them out (make sure you get all of the roots though!)

RENOVATIONS/TURFING: Any moss control and scarification’s must now be put off while autumn as recovery in summer time isn’t an option due to such hot and dry weather. Re-turfing can be carried out but you must be able to water the lawn daily! It’s like having a new baby.

AERATION: A simple spiking (solid tine aeration) would be highly beneficial in the summer time due to the heavy use of lawns at this time. It’ll keep compaction at bay and maintain the grass’ health. DO NOT use hollow tine aeration! Apply seeds and fertiliser to worn areas of lawns and water thoroughly and regularly until germinated (try not to over water!)

WATERING: If conditions start to get a little dry then water early morning.

PESTS AND DISEASES: Pests and diseases love damp and warm weather and with summer round the corner you must keep a look out for the pesky diseases and pests which take advantage of the conditions in your lawn/soil. Watch out for any discolouring’s and patches!

As you all know, we can carry out any of the above recommendations (apart from watering.) If you’re a little intrigued in to how much we charge for any of the treatments then please get in touch – we’ll arrange a FREE survey for you and leave you with all the prices you’ll need.

Have a fabulous June!

Love your lawn

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Image of a green lawn in a garden with many flowers and a tree.
This year we scarified, aerated, top-dressed and re-seeded our little lawn and above this text is an image taken today after her few weeks of recovery. Don’t worry – we’re giving her a trim this weekend (if it stays dry) so I apologise for her bed head. We would like you to enjoy your lawn as much as we enjoy ours and this is why we put the same love and attention in to the work we do for our customers lawns as we do our own! Contact us for a FREE survey and you could fall in love with your lawn all over again!

May Flowers? More like May Showers!

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a sprinkler watering the lawn

This wet weather is annoying but your lawns will be loving the moisture. However, so will any lawn conditions, pests and diseases so please watch out for any changes in colour, bald patches and/or lawn sponginess (feels like you’re walking on sponges.)

Anyway… here are our Lawn Care tips for May. We hope you enjoy reading these and that they help you care for your lawn!

Mowing – keep on top of it when you can. Showers bring mowing to a halt so when its dry make sure you’re giving your lawn a cut! Keep the cut high in cold/hot/dry conditions and lower the cut when conditions are mild/wet.

Fertilising your lawn is very important in spring time and it’s not too late. Our seasonal treatment (ST1) is formulated to work with spring weather conditions to enhance the health and look of your lawn and is packed full of professional products, not available to the public. If you prefer to DIY – a spring feed with potassium will do the job fine.

Weeds will start to rear their ugly heads, if they haven’t already and you can treat these with either a weed killer which you spray on to the whole of your lawn or you can spot treat/remove them one by one.

We don’t recommend watering your lawn unless we go through a really dry patch. We’ll let you all know when watering is recommended – don’t worry.

Moss is a problem all year round in some cases but in spring it can really thrive on the soil conditions created by the weather. We recommend killing it and scarifying it out ASAP. This can be done anytime as long as the weather isn’t too hot or cold/dry or wet but we recommend carrying out the process in spring or autumn. A few light showers and a temp of 9-12 degrees will suit the recovery of your lawn well! If applying seeds, a soil temp of 9-12 degrees will be required for successful germination!

Aerating your lawn has so many benefits due to the increased amounts of oxygen, moisture and nutrients which will reach your grass roots once hollow tine or solid tine aeration has been carried out. Stronger roots = stronger and healthier looking lawn.

Thinking of a re-turf? As long as you’re around to water the new turf for the first couple of weeks, go for it! We’ve already laid new lawns this year.

Repairs and renovations are often carried out rather than having a re-turf to save on the cost. Spring and autumn are the best times for repairs and renovations so if you’re thinking of getting your lawn in to shape for summer then give us a call and we’ll be happy to conduct a FREE survey and give you a FREE no obligation quote on all recommended treatments/procedures.

Spring has finally sprung!

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Daffodils in the spring

Here are a few tips to keep on top of your lawn this month:

The most important job is moss control – you need to kill and scarify it out before it starts running riot. Scarifying could leave your lawn a little bare depending on the severity of the moss removal; therefore we recommend top dressing and re-seeding the patches. With the right conditions, your lawn should have fully recovered in 6-8 weeks (just in time for summer.)

Aeration  – we advise aerating your lawn at least once a year to help keep your soil surface free from disease and pests and to also allow the grass roots to absorb more moisture and nutrients which will in turn give you a healthier, greener looking lawn!

As always – fertilising your lawn is a must! Our spring treatment is the first of our seasonal lawn programme and includes a high quality, organic fertiliser and seasonal treatments start from only £15 per treatment.Killing weeds is also important at this time of year. Digging them out is a pretty sure way of getting rid of them but there will be more coming later in the season so it might be easier to spot treat them with a weed killer.It’s a little too early to start watering your lawn but mowing your lawn is a MUST. You should be mowing your lawn every 2 weeks, keeping the cut quite high for now.As always, we can perform any of the treatments/renovations above and getting a price for them couldn’t be any simpler – Book a FREE survey with us today and you get on the spot prices! The survey is also no obligation and we leave you with a survey sheet to refer back to if you can’t decide there and then.Call us on Freephone 0800 138 3143.
HAVE A GREAT DAY!(Richard and Terry scarifying and re-seeding a lawn)