Lawn Care

As a predominately lawn care business we offer the most up to-date and essential services to keep our customers lawns as healthy as possible and looking great, all year round. Below are the services we offer.
If you believe your lawn has a certain problem then please feel free to visit our ‘common problems page‘ you can identify the problem and we will advise which treatment is needed. The best way to identify and get advice for a problem is to have us visit your lawn to assess its condition and recommend treatments which we think will improve any issues as well as its general health and look.

Our Lawn Care Survey areas:

Our free assessment is available throughout Yorkshire including the towns in and around Barnsley, Sheffield, Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract, Rotherham, Doncaster and Huddersfield.

You can check through our lawn care service list below for more information if you already know what type of treatment you require.

We will advise you on any problem you may be experiencing and point you in the right direction. Our high quality products and professional methods ensure that your lawn will be super healthy and looking great in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

From a simple feed and weed to complete lawn renovation – we’ll help you care for your lawn!

Our Lawn Care and General Gardening survey is a 4 step programme compromising of the following:
1. Measuring
2. Assessing
3. Advising
4. Pricing

Feel free to ask our surveyor any questions and if you think of something after – give us a call! We’re always happy to help! The survey has no obligation and is COMPLETELY FREE.

For more information on our Japanese Knotweed surveys please click here.
All of our products are sourced and applied by us and will always be of the highest quality.

The prevailing weather conditions and what condition your lawn is in are the most important factors that influence the type of treatment we will apply, making it important that all treatments have a beneficial effect on your lawn. Making this our priority, we have developed our treatments with adaptability in mind to keep up with the constant changing of our seasons.

You might believe that your lawn is beyond repair but that will most certainly not be the case! Our seasonal treatments will improve the look and health of your lawn after just one treatment. Additional treatments such as scarification can give you a nearly new lawn so not all hope is lost.

Also, we aren’t looking to replace your gardener – we’d like to work with him/her!

Our yearly 4 treatment lawn care programme consists of an application in the 4 seasons with ingredients of the treatment adapted to compliment the season’s conditions. This way we can have your lawn looking very attractive and staying strong all year round.

ST1: Applying the correct range of nutrients in the spring feed is critical if your lawn is going to take advantage of the spring growth period. Well-nourished grass will grow stronger allowing it to compete against weeds and moss that try to colonise your lawns. A poorly fed lawn also encourages disease.

Weeds grow throughout the year and your lawn requires several applications of herbicide to keep the weeds under control. An initial application of herbicide is applied in the spring to control early flowering weeds alongside our usual dose of essential nutrients and turf conditioners as well as nitrogen for early growth. All of which will improve the health and look of your lawn throughout spring time.

ST2: We then apply an essential second application of herbicide with the summer treatment to control any weeds that have developed since the previous treatment. The summer treatment consists of an application of liquid herbicide and fertiliser containing various nutrients including phosphorous and potassium to feed the grass and encourage vitally important root development for optimum growth.

ST3:  For the autumn treatment we combine a mix of a fertiliser with a high potassium and phosphorous, similar to the summer treatment but we combine with a dose of moss control to develop and thrive and by killing this moss we are instantly improving the conditions of your lawn surface. The potassium and phosphorus content will then iprove the root development of your lawn, leading to stronger and healthier growth.

ST4: The wet weather normally continues into the winter months and due to this we apply a strong dose of moss control along with a phosphorous and potassium feed to improve root health along with our winter application to green up your lawn and keep health at a high to fight off the cold months ahead. Our heavy dose of moss control and iron to toughen grass, harden our turf and will ensure your lawn stays the envy of your street. These treatments help to prevent lawns deteriorating due to the cold and wet conditions, helping to ensure lawns are at their strongest to survive this harsh time and recover healthily in spring.

Our Treatment Programme is flexible; allowing you to choose how many treatments you have applied each year.

Please visit our testimonials page to read comments from our current customers regarding the above plan.

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Your lawn may be suffering from compaction, meaning that the soil particles are pushed closer together reducing the spaces between them which prevents oxygen and moisture moving through the soil. This is a problem on heavy soils because where the soil becomes compacted over time and particularly after periods of heavy rain, it makes it difficult for grass to grow and thrive HOWEVER this problem is relieved by solid tine aeration which spikes the lawn or hollow tine aeration which pulls out a plug of soil and thatch.

A lawn should be aerated on a regular basis to ensure optimum root growth. Grass is said to grow in soil however grass roots actually grow in the spaces between the soil particles. If these spaces are tight the roots cannot breath and expand easily. The grass will be unhealthy and the ground will not easily absorb water. If the surface remains damp, it can encourage moss. Please note: Aeration improves surface drainage – it does not improve overall soil drainage.

In some cases aeration or spiking is followed up by top dressing the lawn. Top dressing consists of spreading and brushing in a sandy based mixture of top soil and light sand. Grass seed can also be added if required. Aeration or spiking are an important treatment for the healthy maintenance of your lawn and can be carried out throughout the year.  Over seeding is usually carried out in late winter /early spring or late
summer/early autumn when we have a combination of warm weather and moisture.

If your lawn is suffering from moss growth and thatch then your lawn will need regular moss control applications as well as scarification so all of the dead moss from the surface is removed. All lawns, even healthy ones, require scarification at some time due to the natural occurrence of moss and thatch.

Scarification is also beneficial for repair after pests have destroyed parts of your lawn. If you do not scarify the moss from your lawn it will grow back thicker, making it harder to remove in the long run. Removing moss is a lot cheaper than having to replace a lawn that has been taken over by moss. Moss can rarely be permanently removed as it is a factor of dampness, poor drainage, compacted soil, poor ventilation and shade – which can be hard to avoid. Some lawns may require several applications (3-4) of moss treatment to keep the moss under control and to stop it developing and taking over larges sections of your lawn.

Thatch soaks up much needed moisture, starving the grass in the summer. In the autumn and winter thatch holds moisture creating a damp layer for moss to develop on. Therefore the scarification weather windows are usually late winter/early spring and late summer/early autumn when the lawn will recover. It is vital that scarifying is timed just before periods of wet warm weather to allow the lawn grasses to recover and any seed sown to germinate – the key factor is the recovery of the lawn.

After scarifying the bare patches on your lawn will look sparse and unattractive and may require some over seeding and top dressing to help new grass to grow. The bare patches will require regular watering and attention to ensure that the grass seed becomes properly established.

Please note: Any waste material will be neatly bagged and left for customer’s disposal.

After any treatment such as Lawn Scarification or Lawn Aeration, often Top Dressing and Over Seeding will have to be applied to assist your lawn in fully recovering.

Top Dressing is the adding of a high quality sand mixture soil to improve your lawns condition, such as to create a higher quality of soil, for the smoothing of any lumps and bumps in your lawn, repairing of any patches in your lawn and many other added benefits. This will increase grass growth and improve drainage. Top Dressing is normally applied in the spring and autumn when lawns have been aerated or scarified.

Over Seeding is applied to your lawn to thicken up the lawns grassy appearance and fill any sparse areas of lawn. The seeds will germinate and grow new grass shoots to make lawns look lush and green. Over seeding needs to be applied in warm and wet periods in the year so seeds can germinate at a correct speed to create a perfect grass blade and will not do so if the conditions are too hot or too cold.

We can Top Dress and/or Over Seed on request after a survey has been completed as well as after other treatments too.

Here at Pennine Lawn Care we understand that sometimes a lawn is beyond repair and needs replacing or a larger lawn is wanted for a greater space of relaxation/play.

We can extend your lawn with the following option:


Lawn Renovation

After removing and top dressing the area requested, we use a mix of seeds which will start to germinate in around 2 weeks. The seeds will require regular watering for 1-2 weeks and a soil temperature of around 9-12 degrees to germinate fully.

Be careful to not over or under water the seed as this could result in bare patches. Bare patches can also occur through birds eating the newly laid seeds before they can become established. However, we will leave you with a supply of seed to top up those bare patches and a full lawn should be grown anytime from 12 weeks with the suitable conditions and correct care.

If extending the lawn is what you desire then we will work with you to ensure the lawn is perfectly in sync, visually and health wise, with your existing lawn.

Moss/Algae/Weed removal on Hard Surfaces

Moss, Algae and Weeds can appear on hard surfaces such as drives, patios and tarmac as well as fences and other wooden areas and can make the area look extremely unattractive. They appear on hard surfaces due to the conditions in-between cracks and spaces in the concrete, tiles or slabs. The warmth and moisture this environment provides is perfect for the weeds, algae and moss to grow vigorously.

These types of weed growths are extremely difficult to treat as the roots are beneath concrete. However, here at Pennine Lawn Care we can create a programme of Glyphosate total weed killer treatments which will combat the unsightly growths and leave your hard surfaces weed free!

To target algae and moss we have a new product to offer to you. It is the easiest and most effective way to treat and prevent mould, algae and moss on all hard surfaces. No Pressure Washing or Scrubbing Required. It is a dynamic combination anti-viral/anti-bacterial disinfectant, fungicide/algaecide and detergent. It kills mould, algae and moss in typically 2-4 days, and has a slow cleaning action in the following weeks and months. It’s suitable for use on all exterior hard surfaces including drives, roofs, paths, tennis courts, artificial turf, concrete, tarmac & block paving. Readily biodegradable, PH-neutral, contains no bleach or acids, and is fully HSE-approved.

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