picture of a blue sky and sea with two palm trees and a hammock attached between them.

Hey everyone! First of all… HAPPY FRIDAY!

Secondly, as it’s the holiday season soon don’t worry if you think your summer treatment might be due and you’ll miss us. We’ll apply your treatment for you (if there’s access) and post your invoice through a letter box. We understand a late payment might occur due to holidays but there’s nothing to worry about.

I’ll be away from the 2nd til the 14th and return to the office on Wednesday the 15th of July. Please feel free to email or call and leave me a message while I’m away, I’ll deal with your enquiry as soon as I return. Alternatively if you need attention ASAP, give Richard a call on 07432 114147. He’ll also probably check the office messages too so you might get an early response.

Thank you for your patience and if you’re going on holiday – I hope you have a fabulous time!

Charlie McGougan.