Alan Knows His Stuff

Alan Titchmarsh is the celeb face of lawn care/gardening and we’re pleased to see he’s writing advice for everyone on how to care for lawns in spring.

We do a monthly lawn care blog post (this month’s is a little late but is on its way, promise) and in addition to this we like to add information/news articles from other sources too – so to give you a wide spectrum of advice not just from us. We feel a bit repetitive sometimes!

Alan mentions scarification, aeration and fertilising; all of which we carry out on a daily basis in April/May (scarification in particular.) You can get prices for these treatments by having a FREE survey conducted on your lawn in the Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham, Wakefield and Doncaster areas. You get on the spot prices and loads of advice from Richard!

To read the article in which Alan advises you on how to care for your lawn right now, visit the link below:

Alan Titchmarsh – caring for your lawn.

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